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  • We are moving
  • We are moving
  • New El Paseo Showroom


After several months of restructuring, we have now officially moved. Please update your records:


Hohmann, Inc.
PO Box 3407
Palm Desert, CA 92261


73130 El Paseo, Ste K
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Tuesday - Saturday 10-6


44651 Village Court, Ste 142
Palm Desert, CA 92260
By appointment - please call (760) 346-4243



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Why are you moving?

For a while now I have had the idea of a new concept for our gallery. With more than 1,000 works of art in our inventory we were never able to show it all and more often than not we had to resort to the computer to show prospective clients the scope of what we do. That started the idea of having a large warehouse space and a small showroom on El Paseo, however we couldn't find an adequate warehouse space that was close enough and presentable to our discerning clients. When David Austin's museum style gallery came up for sale, we adjusted our plans and moved forward. Next, we found a perfect small showroom on El Paseo in a very desirable location, next to the former Wolfgang Puck space, home of the new restaurant "Kitchen 86".

The showroom on El Paseo will be open for visitors to drop in anytime while the Village Court gallery space will remain open by appointment to show to prospective clients the works of art they want to see from our website.     



The MOVING SALE has now concluded.