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Thank you for making an appointment!

We are a small team with high standards and being able to prepare for your visit or a phone call with you, allows us to make the most out of your time and ours. We love giving you our undivided attention and with an appointment we can guarantee that. Thank you!

Many works of art are safely packed and stored in our off-site warehouse and we need time to prepare them for viewing. By scheduling your visit and letting us know which works of art you would like to see during your visit you help us to be ready when you visit and avoid long waiting times while we pull items and arrange them for viewing.

If you are not in the area and would like more information about a work or an artist that you are considering, we would be happy to consult by phone. We love e-mail, but a phone call allows you to address all your questions at once and there is much information about each and every work.

We look forward to connecting with you!


Artist Submissions | Advertising | Business Offers | Solicitations

Clients first! Please respect the time of our consultants and principals! For anything that is not sales related, please use the form to the right and let us know what we can do for you and we will determine if a phone call or a face to face meeting is necessary.

If you would like to submit your artwork, discuss advertising, consign art work you own, inquire about job opportunities, get an appraisal of your own art work or if you have any other questions that are not sales related, please use the form. We do not allow walk-ins without appointment for any form of solicitation.

We strongly discourage walk-in artist submissions. Under no circumstances will we review portfolios in presence of the artist and we will not be responsible for any unsolicited materials left at the gallery.




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